At CTP, our every action is governed by our unique system of value. We operate with a 5-pronged approach:


This is our core value. The wrong person or team in the wrong position or corporate environment is simply not worth the short-term gain of a single fee. This ingrained level of integrity is fundamental to the way in which we conduct ourselves on a day-to-day basis, and has allowed us to produce exceptional results for our clients and candidates.


The current technology landscape is incredibly dynamic. It has a storied history and a fascinating future. It is an organic industry made up of elements that are constantly being invented, improved upon, eliminated and replaced. The only way to stay on top of this changing world is to be involved, and our level of involvement has made us extremely knowledgeable about many aspects of this exciting industry.


We are committed to building long-term relationships. We are not in the business of finding jobs for people; That is a derivative result of our core objective which is matching top talent with innovative companies to create relationships that are characterized by mutual respect and above all else, results.


At CTP, communication is paramount to the way in which we conduct business. Clear, relevant and concise communication, over the most appropriate channel/platform, helps us inform, learn, defuse, rectify, react and, stay ahead of the game to best service our clients and candidates.


Our “social strategy” is simple: be social. We are constantly interacting with talented individuals and forward-thinking managers in an effort to find the right people for the right situations. As a result, we have a deep, well-maintained network of emerging and proven talent made up of leading professionals in their respective fields, along with clients with whom we have enjoyed lasting, productive relationships.