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Direct Hire, Staff Augmentation, Executive Search & Consulting Services

Whether it’s the right cultural fit for a direct-hire candidate, or a results-focused team for a specific project, Clarity Technology Partners provides technical and creative talent to companies that are changing the world— from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises. CTP utilizes a powerful combination of experience, industry knowledge, a deep rooted understanding of clients’ expectations and the value of our organic network of talent to offer world-class services that make an immediate impact.


Our client process is cyclical with a strong emphasis on communication. In other words, we ask, we listen, and we learn throughout the entire process. Our process is comprised of four key parts:


Because each business and industry presents a unique set of circumstances, our approach to connecting clients with the right candidates starts with our ability to understand our clients’ exact requirements and desires. This is the cornerstone of what we do. Through understanding the context of a specific engagement, we have consistently demonstrated the ability to identify what works for each individual client. This, along with a broad knowledge of general industry and market trends, allows us to find the right solution at the right time.


CTP is not a resume shop; we do not wait for good resumes to land on our desk and file them away for the “right” client. We are actively involved in seeking out talented individuals and teams that are available for specific roles and positions. Our method depends heavily on our ability to network extensively within specific groups, both socially and professionally, online and off. This approach allows us to constantly maintain a broad and diverse candidate pool from which to identify exceptional talent, quickly and efficiently.


To find the right candidates, we employ a variety of screening techniques, including an initial screening to ensure that the candidate is up to CTP’s standards, a comprehensive interview with at least two CTP counselors, and three references from each candidate. Once the appropriate candidates have been selected, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that each candidate will be a good cultural fit and can perform in the specific environment of a given position. This step in the process transcends the usual assessment of a candidate by identifying the soft skills that will allow this person to excel in a given environment. This is the CTP Difference.


Our commitment to developing and maintaining lasting relationships makes this an important part of our process. By maintaining contact with all parties we are able to ensure that our initial analysis was correct, discover new ways to deliver value to our clients and expand our client’s organization, business and industry that much more.  Additionally, this allows us to hit the road running on our next engagement.


Staff Augmentation

Out network of top-tier talent allows us to identify and hire the right resources for your project. Whether it be to fill a skills gap within an organization or to deliver a team of resources that will complete your initiative on time and under budget.

Direct Hire

Our network is the product of current sourcing processes, developing and maintaining the right relationships and good old fashioned hustle. This allows us to identify candidates that will be a great fit both technically and culturally for our clients' environments.

Executive Search

Leadership. Vision. Growth. Today’s leadership positions require a unique individual that brings a variety of skill and experience to the table. We deliver the kind of executives that know how to deliver on these three components and are an excellent cultural fit.

Consulting Service

With our flexible delivery model and wide reach to the best talent in the country, we are able to customize solutions with an additional layer of oversight. We will scope out your project and deliver a Statement of Work that meets the specific demands of your initiatives.


CTP works with a wide variety of companies in a growing number of industries, offering many technology-related opportuinites. Below is a non-exhaustive list of positions of which CTP fills on a daily basis.


  • Management
  • Data Center Operations
  • Storage
  • Network Designand Administration
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Technical Writing

Business Applications

  • Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Data Architecture/Modeling
  • Database Designand Administration
  • Project/Program Management
  • QualityAssurance(QA) & SoftwareTesting
  • Software Design
  • Systems Integration
  • ERP Development

Executive Search

  • VP of Technology/Operations
  • VP of Marketing/ProductMarketing
  • Product Management
  • Director of Technology
  • Director of PMO
  • Architect

Digital Media

  • Product Management/Marketing
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • UI/UX Development
  • Information Architects
  • Social Media
  • E-Commerce


  • EHR/EMR Implementation
  • HL7 Interface Engineers
  • Project Management
  • Business/Systems Analyst
  • Produce Support Specialist
  • HIT Specialist
  • EHR/EMR Testing


  • UI/UX Mobile Design
  • Program Management
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development

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