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Technology Consulting & Staffing Services

CTP’s technology solutions give companies a jump on emerging platforms. Whether for your team or your project, our talent resources align the best person for the role.

We invest time upfront to understand your exact needs.

Then we deliver. Fast.

Through our sector expertise and trusted process, CTP’s goal is to meet deadlines and surpass expectations, whether that’s with technology solutions or the talent needed to develop those solutions. We’re in this for the long haul.


How often we present the right
candidate in the first round.


Consultative expertise that delivers on your most ambitious projects

End-to-end planning, architecture, execution, adoption and change management. Your organization’s largest initiatives, from digital transformation to large-scale implementations and software development, are right up our alley.


With the right people in the right roles, there’s nothing you can’t do

Here’s how CTP delivers for your
technology staffing needs.

Contract Staffing

Add people to your team with in-demand skills, scaling to your timeline. CTP handles the recruiting and paperwork.

Direct Hire

Recruiting direct hire technology talent requires time and expertise, which you might not have. Let CTP help you hire right, the first time.

Executive Search

Technology is a moving target. CTP pinpoints the right leadership so your business can keep pace and hit the mark every time.

“Clarity Technology Partners took the time to really understand our needs. Then they delivered.”

VP, National Bank

Clarity helped this VP secure the right developers the bank needed.


Where we’re solving problems now

Many firms don’t have the internal expertise to undertake a successful digital transformation project. But a solid digitization strategy can result in employee buy-in, and keep the initiative on the rails. CTP has undertaken of these initiatives, offering the following expertise:

  • Data security
  • Data analytics
  • Design
  • DevOps
  • Remote/Mobility management
  • Machine learning & AI

More than half of all Internet traffic originates from mobile devices. There are special skills needed to assure that you have the most user-friendly site. We can help you with:

  • Android and iOS
  • Java or Kotlin
  • Backend computing
  • Communication skills
  • Mobile user interface design
  • Agile and Scrum

This is where we run into the term information technology (IT). Understanding hardware, software, networking, and Internet technologies impact the ability to know how information flows for operational purposes. CTP offers services that include:

  • Python
  • Cloud/AWS
  • Java
  • Powershell
  • Internet connectivity expertise
  • Tech support functions

InfoSec, or information security, has the responsibility for keeping all aspects of your information secure. It is the foundation for data security, which includes cybersecurity.

  • Security strategist
  • Incident response and handling
  • Networking
  • Security tools
  • Project management
  • Automation and DevOps

Change management and new program management require specific skillsets and experience. Our teams have helped numerous companies undertake major business transformation endeavors, by offering skills such as:

  • Project management
  • Strategic analysis
  • Communications
  • Data analysis
  • Marketing and design
  •  Change management tools

Many tech teams are short on designers with skills in user experience. And quite often it is hard to find graphic designers for websites. Whatever your need, count on CTP for:

  • Website design
  • UX expertise
  • Interactive platforms
  • Video and strategy
  • Infographics
  • Iconography

Enterprise software, customer relationship management, and supply chain management are all enterprise applications in which CTP has extensive expertise. You can count on our team to help you with:

  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Content Management
  • Executive Support Systems
  • Resource Allocation and Decision Support
  • Business Intelligence

The sheer amount of data being generated daily is overwhelming. The right team member can make overcoming the daunting task of gathering, interpreting and visualizing this data much more clear. CTP can help with:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Python or SQL expert
  • Business Intelligence Analyst

Complex projects need consultative partners

At CTP, we get to know your business. We invest in the success of your projects, delivering on the strategies and people that make your project come to life.


A trusted process that delivers results

1. Listen

We listen with purpose and empathy. Because listening is the first step to getting it right the first time.

2. Calibrate

We ask clarifying questions to zero-in on the skills, expertise and caliber of talent or solution you need.

3. Deliver Thoughtfully

Our goal is to deliver the right candidate in the first round. Not perfect? We calibrate until we get it right.

4. Go Long

We’re all about the long term, and rarely in a one-and-done engagement. Our clients trust CTP to deliver, again and again.

Ready to build a better technology or team?

Start the conversation today and let us know how we can help. We’re ready to listen.